my philosophy

If there was only one truth, you could not paint a hundred canvasses on the same theme.

Pablo Picasso



I’m convinced that we are on a ‚holy mission‘. We are searching for the truth and the meaning behind everything; we are seeking to explore ourselves and our soul. There is a special Something that seems to be within our grasp but inaccessible at the same time, Something that seems omnipresent but yet is invisible. The shadows of reality, the spirits of thoughts, the secret fountains of the flow of life as well as our consciousness. Ideas and realities that might stay hidden forever. The truth of the moment. 


Why do I want to commit my life to this search? Maybe I’m fascinated, maybe I’m in love with the hidden Something in pictures. I’m intrigued by how pictures express feelings, influence and change us by forcing us to self-reflect. After watching a movie its pictures might stay with us for a while and make us think about who we are. A beautiful picture captures us. It tells a story without having to use words. Maybe it’s the ‘true moment of a picture’ that moves us and changes us. It is my mission to create these moments and explore my truth.



curriculum vitae

I was born in Pirna/Saxony in 1984 and grew up in the East Ore Mountains. In 2004, I moved to Berlin in order to gain experiences in the cinematographic world. Since the world of film had captured my imagination during my first internship at Ö film production company I started studying TV producing at Dekra Media Academy Berlin and working at X Films Creative Pool. After finishing my Bachelor`s degree and working for X Films Creative Pool at the line producer´s department,  I decided to leave production behind and become a assistant camera. In 2009, I studied cinematography at the HFF Potsdam Babelsberg and got my degree in 2014. While studying I also gained more practical experiences by working as a cinematographer in various documentaries, fiction, music videos and commercials. 


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Vita Thomas Eirich-Schneider 2021 - GERMAN VERSION
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Vita Thomas Eirich-Schneider 2018 - ENGLISH VERSION
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