Out now in cinemas! I am really proud. Watch it.


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A new film is about to be released! CAFÉ D´AMOUR is a pixilated slapstick comedy by Benedikt Toniolo, but there are real actors that shape the story about love and a magic cafe place. The amazing studio set was built by Sandra Gradmann.


Coming early 2015. I’m looking forward to seeing the film.

Watch the trailer
Watch the trailer

PRETTY UGLY l SCHÖN KANN JEDER What is beautiful? What is ugly? PRETTY UGLY is trying to answer these questions by following Del Keens, the ugliest model of the world, who humorously leads us through the cosmos of imperfectness. It may seem like a cliché to ask the timeless question of what constitutes beauty; nevertheless it has to be asked. Do Del and his friends form the latest trend to more authenticity and are they to be taken seriously – or are they just a freak show? Harmless fools in the kingdom of Botox? Either way, it ́s encouraging, liberating and cheering to see how they give the plastic world of Heidi Klum & Co. the finger.